Flight Scope

Flight Scope uses 30 Doppler Radar to measure and provide data such as swing speed, launch angles, spin rate, carry distance, total distance, face angel, face to path angel of attack, along with much more detailed information many Tour Professionals personally own a Unit to keep their game on track.


V1 Video Software

V1 is the Industry’s leading Video Software for Golf used by Top Instructors and Tour Professionals around the World. Joe and his Staff can do side by side comparisons of before and after swing changes that can be emailed directly to the student. for future references and to demonstrate tangible process.


K Vest

It’s the industry's only human motion learning system. The all-in-one wireless system that instantaneously measures players’ power signatures and 3D data. The system that assesses player characteristics and generates insightful reports. The system that automatically flows those reports into a powerful coaching and training program builder.

But that’s just the beginning. K-VEST doesn’t only provide you with an extensive library of pre-built training programs and drills, but also with the tools to customize them. And these pre-loaded resources always put real-time auditory and visual feedback front and center—making it possible for clients to feel new movement patterns. Supporting this state-of-the-art wearable technology are turnkey marketing programs that empower professionals to grow their businesses. In fact, it's everything today’s pro needs to achieve greater success... a human motion learning system.


RoboGolf Pro

The RoboGolfPro is the only machine that takes your club and physically guides you through a perfect swing. The RoboGolfPro allows The Instructor to let you feel the perfect ergonomic, efficient and physically correct golf swing for your ability and physique. Call 210-436-9004 to schedule your lesson on the RoboGolfPro. In one lesson you will experience the “AH-HA” moment to feel your perfect swing and significantly change your game.


Power Tee Mats

Power Tee provides an efficient way to practice your swing. With Power Tee, you can improve your swing, build confidence, maintain stance, develop rhythm and find your swing groove. Come enjoy the self-automated reloading mats and have a smooth practice session.